thing 14 – web tools to improve your performance

Part 1 – Evernote

I love Evernote!  I’ve used it for several years now and find it super useful for lesson ideas, as well for things like sewing projects and quotes my kids say. (Although Pinterest is starting to replace some of what I would’ve put on Evernote, I still use it for things I don’t want to pin or things I want to annotate.) Here is a note I created last spring of Benjamin and a quote…

thing 14 - evernote

Part 2 – File Conversions

I use file conversions all the time, especially .doc to .pdf. I have a .pdf printer installed because I upload every document I give to my students to my class website since I want them to have access to the class whenever and wherever they like.  I also convert presentations to .pdf so students can go back over them outside of class.

thing 14 - file conversion

Part 3 – Google Calendar

I’m not sure Dan and I would be able to go back to life without Google Calendars!  We share our calendars for everything so we can schedule our lives.  I’ve also used it in my classroom so students know what we’re doing everyday, and so they can see what’s coming up next in the class.  It’s super useful because they can subscribe to the calendar if they want and they can plan ahead (if they actually do that!) Plus parents can see what we’re doing everyday and have a better idea of what’s going on in my classroom.

thing 14 - google calendar

Part 4 – URL Shortener (I like!)

Original URL: URL:

thing 14 - url shortener


1 thought on “thing 14 – web tools to improve your performance

  1. Evernote is a great tool! What I like is how I can use it no matter what device I am on. I agree on Google Calendar. I gave my husband access to my calendar, those involved in TRIG can see it and I share other calendars. When they are all turned on, it looks like a nightmare though. I am way too busy!

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