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thing 17 - twitter feed

Using Twitter: I’ve never used Twitter before this class, mostly because I felt like it was a time waster. 🙂 I didn’t really think of using it for professional learning and networking; I figured it was a place for people to post things like how they saw a picture of a cat toasted on their bread that morning. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it seems like another venue, like Facebook, where people post random things about their lives. (Which I happened to do in one of my posts…)

However, I like the idea of using it for professional learning. It’s a quick and easy was to get ideas and find links to new tools. Matinga mentioned during the live session that she checks her Twitter feed while she drinks her morning coffee and then she’s done for the day. It seems like it can get overwhelming trying to sift through all the stuff that gets posted, but I like the idea of checking it for a few minutes, looking for specific ideas related to teaching and technology that I can apply to my work. I think it will be a useful tool to help me keep abreast of all the new changes and tools that come out. Plus it is kind of fun to read friends’ silly posts. 🙂

LearnPort: I think my favorite tool that LearnPort offers is access to NetTrekker. Even though I typically forget about using this tool when I have my students research, it’s so useful since the resources are curated and vetted by teachers and are listed by reading level! Kathy Kowalski always talks about how great it is, and I keep forgetting about it! I also didn’t realize that there were so many recordings of webinars that I can access. There are many great sounding recordings on using mobile devices, techy tools, and Android apps in the classroom. This seems like it will be a helpful resource when I am looking for ideas on how to spice things up in my lessons.

MACUL: Being a member of MACUL is great because I can easily get updates of new tech tools available and practical ways to use them in my classroom. I get the monthly newsletters and they are great because they always have little things to explore and try in my lessons. And I don’t have to search for the things myself – they’ve already done the work! I also just joined SIG for Online Learning, and I’m looking forward to getting more ideas of how to teach my blended class. I think I can get lots of ideas for putting lessons and resources online and learn some new tips and tricks for using Moodle. I think it will be a very useful resource as I progress with online instruction.

Connected Educator Videos: These are great! I watched a video on video assessment, and Laura Bell, the teacher who made the video, describes in detail how she has students use video in her classroom to demonstrate their understanding of concepts. I love using creative tools for assessment and I’m so excited to try this out.  I’m looking forward to watching the other videos, especially since they are from people who have used the tools they are talking about and they have real examples of ways they have used them. Fun!


1 thought on “thing 17 – professional learning networks

  1. I am awful about not tweeting. I know I should do it more, but I am so busy with email and teaching online that I forget to check it myself. I do like it when I go to a conference so I can follow neat things that are going on. Plus if I miss a link or something I know I can find it in Twitter. The Connected Educator videos are great. We need for more teachers to know about them.
    Great job once again your post!

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