thing 18 – virtual classroom

Part 1: Edmodo Post

thing 18 - edmodo

Part 2: Successful Students Online

The things that are necessary for students to be successful in a blended or online learning environment are:

  • a desire to take an online or hybrid course and an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in regards to learning
  • reliable internet access to log in to the course and be an active participant
  • willingness to try learning in a new environment and flexibility to work differently than in a traditional classroom
  • technology skills to navigate course management systems and other tools that the online class requires
  • time management skills – the ability to prioritize time to work on a class that doesn’t meet regularly, if at all
  • a mentor teacher who can offer help and advice, as well as instruction
  • parental support
  • being comfortable asking for help or for clarification if confused about something in the class; having clear understanding of whom to ask for help when needed
  • technical support, if necessary
  • a path out of the class if it does not fit a student’s needs or learning style and a way to earn the credit for the class elsewhere
  • active awareness of the school district’s acceptable use policies, especially regarding copyright and plagiarism


This videoconference talks about inflation and I could use it to enhance the lessons I teach about inflation in economics.

thing 18 - twice

Part 4: MLO

I searched the courses using “Social Studies” as my filter and found several tutorials and video clips on how to use Moodle. These might be helpful if I can’t figure out how to do something in Moodle with my blended class. I also checked out some of the Florida Virtual Classes; these could be useful just to get ideas of how to improve my class and add some more resources to it.


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