thing 10 – digital images

Edited Image Using Picasa

 Before:entrepreneurship  After (cropping, warmifying, cross processing, and adding text, all with a few mouse clicks!):entrepreneurship

I have students use images when creating projects for the class, so I can have them find images on creative commons and edit them for their final products. I also use Picasa for creating end of the season cross country yearbooks. I get images from parents and then create collage pages for each of the meets with all of our athletes on them.

Slideshow using PhotoPeach

For some reason the embed code from PhotoPeach wouldn’t work on my blog, so here is a screenshot of what I made.

thing 10 - photopeach

PhotoPeach is a neat tool that makes for a fun and more creative slide show. I think it would be a good tool to use to ask students to be a bit more creative. Instead of just writing and explaining their ideas in text, they have to use images to express their understanding. The music adds a nice touch too!

Shared Photo from Snapfish


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