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thing 2 – face of my classroom

How I use my classroom website

thing 2 - class website

I have had a classroom website for several years. It’s an invaluable tool for communicating with students and parents, posting assignments, posting due dates and information about upcoming assessments, and to have a class presence that students can access at any time and any place.

I have recently updated my class website; I originally had it hosted on my own domain, but since I didn’t teach this year and I may not go back next year, I decided not to continue paying for the domain name. So, I migrated everything into WordPress instead (which was easy since I had WordPress installed on my other domain!). When I migrated over, some of the links to the videos I use as well as the links to assignments that I share with students via my dropbox, were disabled. I re-enabled a few of the video links and the first assignment link on this page so you can get an idea of what I share with students.

When students go to my site, they will see the weekly assignments and due dates as well as the learning objectives for each day’s lesson. When they click on a unit page, they will find video resources and links to assignments. If they ever forget what they are supposed to do for the class, it’s all on the website! They can also find links to note-taking tools and reading guides. I rely so heavily on my class website that I can’t imagine teaching without it. It’s where I put ALL of my classroom materials and supporting tools so that students can access the class all of the time.

In addition to the class site, I use Moodle as a place for students to upload assignments and to complete formative and summative assessments. Using Moodle has enabled me to give students almost immediate feedback, and because of that, I have more time to give students to re-take assessments in order to master the material. If you’d like guest access to my Moodle class, let me know and I’d be happy to let you take a look around!


thing 18 – virtual classroom

Part 1: Edmodo Post

thing 18 - edmodo

Part 2: Successful Students Online

The things that are necessary for students to be successful in a blended or online learning environment are:

  • a desire to take an online or hybrid course and an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in regards to learning
  • reliable internet access to log in to the course and be an active participant
  • willingness to try learning in a new environment and flexibility to work differently than in a traditional classroom
  • technology skills to navigate course management systems and other tools that the online class requires
  • time management skills – the ability to prioritize time to work on a class that doesn’t meet regularly, if at all
  • a mentor teacher who can offer help and advice, as well as instruction
  • parental support
  • being comfortable asking for help or for clarification if confused about something in the class; having clear understanding of whom to ask for help when needed
  • technical support, if necessary
  • a path out of the class if it does not fit a student’s needs or learning style and a way to earn the credit for the class elsewhere
  • active awareness of the school district’s acceptable use policies, especially regarding copyright and plagiarism


This videoconference talks about inflation and I could use it to enhance the lessons I teach about inflation in economics.

thing 18 - twice

Part 4: MLO

I searched the courses using “Social Studies” as my filter and found several tutorials and video clips on how to use Moodle. These might be helpful if I can’t figure out how to do something in Moodle with my blended class. I also checked out some of the Florida Virtual Classes; these could be useful just to get ideas of how to improve my class and add some more resources to it.